Friday, 14 November 2014

Friday Favourites #41

I can't believe I've been here for a week already. Time sure flies when you're having fun.

Here are some snippets from my first week here in Kentucky...

I'm missing Soldier and Molly like crazy, but snuggles with my US kitties, Fleur and Daisy, are helping.

Dinner at Cracker Barrel has become a tradition. I love how it's decorated all old fashioned and the rocking chairs they always have on the 'porch'. Their hash brown casserole is freakin' delicious.

We went to stay with my friend Trish's aunty and uncle for a night in their beautiful house - it looks like something out of a magazine. Patti and 'Big Dad' are so lovely and welcoming. I always look forward to seeing them. They treated us to dinner, where my side salad was big enough to be its own meal and I had to bring half my pasta home in a box. These Americans don't mess around when it comes to portion size!

Every month the Night Market is held, where creative types sell their handmade wares. Mary and Trish have had a stall a couple of times, so I went along to keep them company. Man, it was COLD that night - our feet were like blocks of ice after four hours being outside, but it was fun and my girls sold quite a few things. The stall looked so cute!

We went out for Mexican food earlier in the week and, not only was my burrito the biggest thing I've ever eaten (I swear it was the size of a small loaf of bread!), my margarita was also as big as my head. 

Mary and I both like to collect foreign/interesting coins and she gave me these to add to my collection. I love all the animals on them and the one with the scalloped edge. British money is so boring!

I've been shopping up a storm (sorry, bank account!) and am pretty chufffed with all the things I'm finding. I feel like America has so many more cute things than the UK and way better thrifting/antiquing. I bought the vintage candle lamp for $1! What a bargain. I love how it kinda looks like a crystal ball. And I just about screamed when I found the Where the Wild Things Are fabric. Be still my heart.

My hair finally got the cut it desperately needed  - all my dry ends are gone and it's been evened out to a one-length bob. I also had my blue supercharged!

Finally, thank goodness for Skype - I've been able to speak to Hannes pretty much every day and check in on the kitties. Yep, I've taken Crazy Cat Lady to whole new level by Skyping with them from America. 

Today we are heading to Bardstown, to explore the antiques malls, museums and stay overnight in a cabin. I'm pretty psyched about it! It's been trying to snow here, but just tiny flurries so far. How perfect would a cabin surrounded by snow be?! There are apparently deer there too - it basically sounds like my dream place. I will endeavour to take lots of photos.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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  1. That stall looks adorable, can they come to the UK please! And your hair looks amazing x

    1. Thank you! I really hope they can visit me in the UK soon - they would love it x

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