Friday, 5 December 2014

Friday Favourites #43 - George at Asda

I hadn't been to Asda for a while, as my nearest store is a good twenty to thirty minute drive away, depending on traffic. Earlier this week I decided to drive over there, mainly because my house is utterly freezing and I wanted to use the car heater to warm myself up. Seriously.

Asda always do well with their home goods design and sometimes clothes, but on this occasion I kept seeing lovely things on practically every aisle. It was a real battle not to go crazy and throw everything into my trolley! 

When I got home I had a browse of their website and discovered even more of the good stuff, so I thought I'd share my finds with you all. Many of them would make great Christmas presents...for others, or yourself! 

Cafetiere £7

Pink roasting dish £8

Blue pie dish £8

Pink frying pan £7

Scalloped edge cake tin £7

Vintage Christmas deer cushion £7

Mushroom cushion £7

Plastic organiser basket £1

'Home made' baking stamps £3

Christmas pinups shower curtain £8

Faux fur collar coat £30

Everything is so well priced, too! I tried on the coat and felt like a Russian princess in an animated Christmas movie, but sadly the only sizes they had were far too big or small. Booo. 

I think I'm going to have to go back and see if I can find the vintage deer cushion - it's just too perfect!

Happy Friday, all!


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  1. oooh that coat is lovely!! I definitely miss ASDA now that I'm not in the UK, they have some really great pieces and I'm not too snobby to shop for clothes in my supermarket!

    1. Me neither! I have loads of stuff from Asda! In recent years I feel their clothes have taken a bit of a nosedive, but the homewares are always great. I hope they start to sell more stuff like that coat!


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