Friday, 12 December 2014

Friday Favourites #44

Time has been confusing me lately (as usual), so some of my favourites today are from the past week and some aren't, but whatever! We're here to celebrate the good times and little moments that make life good, no matter when they occur, right?

Kitty mail is the best mail. Molly agrees.

I made a pie and ooh, it was scrumptious.

There is no way on this earth I could've said no to Care Bears pyjamas. No way.

Riding the Christmas carousel is one of my most favourite things in the world, ever.

Putting up the Christmas decorations is always so much fun!

Childhood parties were synonymous with Party Rings and they were always a favourite of mine, so imagine my horror when I went to buy some a few years ago and discovered they weren't vegetarian! Their makers have finally seen the light and changed the recipe and now, not only are they vegetarian, but also vegan! Oh, happy day! Obviously I celebrated with a packet of pastel, sugary goodness.

Speaking of pastel goodness, I am so in love with my new bobble hat.

But not as in love as I am with this guy. Be still be heart. My darling boy.

A beautiful sky on Monday's lunch break.

I find writing out Christmas cards strangely relaxing. All of mine have now been posted, which I'm pretty impressed by - I usually write them and forget to post them at all, then discover them under a pile of junk in January.

Lastly, I baked some sweet treats to take to my friends' house - they made the main course and I was in charge of dessert. Yum!

How has your week been? Any especially awesome/memorable moments?

The weekend is here, hooray! Enjoy it, my dears!


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  1. Party Rings are now vegetarian?! Yay! The dessert was particularly delicious, thank you! Also, it must be noted, the Care Bear pyjamas are AWESOME! xxx

    1. Yes! How awesome is that?! We should have a party ring party! xxx

  2. I love this Friday favourites. The cats are gorgeous as ever and thoses brownies look delicious! X

    1. Thanks lovely. Best bit is, I have a brownie left for dessert today, too! Woo! x

  3. I totally appreciate that you acknowledged the lucky dip cat lovers box without any spoilers. Maybe mine will arrive soon! The look on soldier's furry face is divine!

    1. Hehe, thanks. I hate it when people post spoilers for anything, so I try my best not to! Soldier is in full on winter fluff mode, I love it! <3

  4. Sounds like there's lot of little awesome things to appreciate! Cute kitty, drool-worthy food, childhood classics and all the fun of the fair!

    1. Indeed! It's all about the little things! :)


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