Friday, 19 December 2014

Friday Favourites #45

Gosh, this week has gone quickly. It feels like 2014 has been the fastest year on record (seriously, where the heck has it gone??) and December sure isn't breaking the trend.

I've been feeling a bit under the weather this week, so my days off have been spent taking it easy at home, with lots of sleeping and resting. It always feels like such a waste of a day, but I know I need to do it, otherwise I'll pay the price by feeling even worse later. 

So today's Friday Favourites is a bit sparse - between work and feeling a bit rough, it feels as though the week has disappeared. Here are the fun bits I do remember...

Molly looking Christmas-card-perfect. Don't let that sweet face fool you though; she is a tiny terror! My Christmas tree is very minimal bare this year, because she likes to bite, chew, swipe, bat, play with, and basically destroy said tree and anything on it. So all I have decorating it are fairy lights and a little angel. No baubles or my lovely vintage decorations, because Molly Mayhem can't be trusted around them. But look how cute she is!

I couldn't resist some chocolate coins when I went grocery shopping. It just isn't Christmas without them. These particular ones even have chocolate paper money as well as coins!

HOLD THE PHONE: Soldier and Molly in Shock Snuggle Situation. It kinda happened by accident - Soldier was curled up on my lap and Molly jumped up beside me. She knows to leave Soldier alone when he's sleeping, so she hesitantly curled up at a safe distance. As they both relaxed and slumbered deeper, they ended up closer without really realising. At one point Soldier half woke up, saw Molly, but ignored her and went back to sleep. They were like this for at least half an hour, maybe longer. Soldier is still adjusting to having another cat around, so this was such a big step and made me so unbelievably happy!

This also made me happy - Lucky Dip Club mail! Always a great day when my subscription box arrives, and this kitschy Christmas themed one is so cute! 

Whenever I bake cake for an occasion, I try to squirrel a bit away for myself and I'm always so glad I did. Because it means I can have coffee and cake for breakfast. Winner!

Finally, a flashback to Christmas past, because I'm always super excited to hang our stockings. It may just be my favourite thing about Christmas. Of course the furbabies have their very own stockings, which they open with me on Christmas morning. Here's Soldier with his, a couple of years ago.

Oh look, my Friday Favourites are all about cats and food. Anyone would think my life revolves around them. HA!

I cannot believe that it's less than a week until Christmas. I still have so much to do, buy and bake, argh! The problem with baking things for gifts, is that you really can't do it until a day or two beforehand, otherwise it goes stale and is ruined. I'm always up late on Christmas Eve, desperately trying to finish everything, but I'm going to try and plan my time a bit better this year...Famous last words!

Hope you've had a splendid week and enjoy the weekend! Any fun plans?


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  1. I like to sneak a bit of what i'm baking for 'tasting purposes' ;)

    I know how you feel, I have hardly anything ready for Christmas and my family arrive on Monday... I haven't even decided what to cook for dinner... There's still the hoovering and tidying to do :(

    1. Hope you managed to get everything done in time! Merry Christmas!

  2. Christmas is so close!!! Yay!! ;-) Glad your two kitties are slowly starting to get along. You little pink cake looks amazingly yummy as well, always nice to squirrel a bit away for coffee time. xx

    1. I can't believe how quickly Christmas arrived! Hope you have a lovely time, Toni xx

  3. Hooray for the kitty (almost) cuddles. After a year of being in the same house, our three are finally starting to act like proper friends! X

    1. Yes, I think my two will be the same - it's certainly taking longer than I'd hoped! As long as they're not fighting, it's fine by me. Neither have been at all aggressive, so hopefully things will just continue to improve and once Molly has mellowed out a bit, they may even be friends x


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