Thursday, 25 December 2014

Happy Holidays!

I had every intention of prepping a few Christmas blog posts, but, just like I always have every intention of painting my nails festively, I ran out of time. It's 8:45pm on Christmas Day and I'm sprawled on the sofa, two rums down, all baked out, and in moderate-to-severe discomfort from overindulging on food. Ohhh, food! And yet I still keep contemplating one more Ferrero Rocher.

To all my British/east of the UK readers, I hope you've had a lovely day. And to all my US/west of the UK readers, I hope you are still having a wonderful time! I'm looking forward to hearing all about what you got up to/gave/received/ate/drank. 

Until then, Merry Christmas, my friends and lots of love to you all.


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