Thursday, 4 December 2014

Historic Bardstown & Civil War Museum

One of the things that fascinates me about America, is how young it is. The nation as we know it, being only a few hundred years old, has so little history - especially compared to the ancient history we have here in the UK and Europe - and yet it sure has packed a lot into its relatively short life.

When I was in Kentucky, I visited Bardstown - an historic town with much of its original architecture still intact. This is somewhat rare in the USA, as they seem to have the mentality of tearing places down and rebuilding, instead of preserving them, which is such a huge shame. 

I love the 'old' buildings. Everything looks and feels like a movie set - not quite real. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's lovely.

Bardstown has a great selection of museums, with many artefacts and historic items. You pay $10 for a ticket at the Civil War Museum, which also grants you entrance to all the other museums as well. Even better, it lasts for two days in case you don't have time to see everything - I was really impressed by this!

I was amazed by the amount of different uniforms there were in the Civil War and found it really interesting to see all the different versions of the Stars and Stripes flag, throughout the war years. 

Sorry for the photo-heavy post - I did try to narrow them down, but I tend to geek out a bit when it comes to museums!

What are your favourite museums to visit? Any I should add to my must-see list?


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  1. It all looks lovely and then ARGH! Crazy mannequins cutting off legs!! I wasn't prepared! You look so happy in America and your friends look lovely too x

    1. Haha, I know - I loved the amputation scene! It was like that in the museum too, just walking around looking at all the uniforms and then, WHOA THERE!
      I love it in America, I somehow feel more at home there. Which sucks, because moving to America is nigh on impossible! x

  2. That's quite interesting about the flag, I always imagined it was the same all the time.
    My favourite museums are natural history museums, with dinosaurs and the likes. I'm not a big fan of art museums or history based ones. Although there's a military museum in Brussels that I'm quite excited to visit.

    ~ K

    1. Ohh, me too - natural history museums are my favourite too. I love art, but art galleries are usually a total yawnfest. I'll look forward to pics from your military museum visit!


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