Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What I Wore // Donut Clutch & Bat Skull


Golly, it's been a fair ol' while since I did an outfit post. The past few months I have been massively overindulging, which has left me feeling bloated, self conscious, and very uncomfortable in my own skin. I am all for body positivity, no matter one's size, but right now I feel way less than my best. 

Outfit posts have also been lacking because I've been so cold that I've basically been hibernating in the same outfit, or variations thereof: leggings and a big, cosy jumper. And when I say leggings, I usually mean pyjamas. You know you feel me.

On this particular day, I actually got dressed and ventured out and, here's what I wore.

I'm wearing:
Bobble hat - Primark
Coat - thrifted
Stripy top - thrifted
Tube Skirt - H&M
Leopard print hi-tops - Converse
Pink silk scarf - vintage
Cat brooch - Cheap Frills
Bat skull necklace - Christmas gift
Donut clutch - New Look via ASOS

Tall Girl Syndrome strikes again when I try to find a winter coat. This one is supposed to be about knee length and the 'waist' tie is up around my ribs. Oh well, it's warm(ish) and I can't afford another, so it'll have to do! I love the big collar on it and the back has a big bow...which I forgot to snap a photo of. 

How awesome is this bat skull necklace?! I'm obsessed with skulls and bones - Hannes bought me the necklace for Christmas. He did good!

What have you been wearing to keep warm and cosy?


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  1. Love the hat and doughnut combination. Adore the colours. Warm and cozy is the way forward for me over the next few weeks. x

    1. Warm and cosy is definitely where it's at! xx

  2. I absolutely adore the picture of you biting the clutch bag! Brilliant! You look so snuggly and warm :) Lisa x

    1. Ha, thanks! I'm such a cheeseball. I feel the cold really badly, so I have to pile on lots of clothes in an attempt to keep warm! x


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