Saturday, 24 January 2015

DIY // Make-up Brush Holder

Hey guys!

Hooray, it's the weekend! I haven't posted a DIY for ages, so I thought I'd share this super quick and easy make-up brush holder I made the other day. It's really basic and no special skills are involved, so anyone can make it! 

You will need:

* A plain white beaker/cup
* Sharpies / permanent markers
* A cup of tea and maybe a piece of cake

I bought my white beaker in the Sainsbury's sale for £1, but you can pick up something similar in many cheap shops. 

Choose which colour markers you want to use. I chose coordinating pastel shades.

Then, all you need to do is decide what kinda pattern/design you'd like on your beaker and get to doodling! I went with little hearts and sprinkles, to look a bit like cutesy confetti. Space out your pattern evenly for the best result.

As you work your way round, be careful not to smudge your work. The markers should dry pretty quickly, but if you accidentally rub a bit off, just go over it again!

Et voila! Your own, handmade make-up brush holder/pen pot/whatever you want to use it for! It might even be a fun thing to make with young children, if you have little tykes to entertain on a rainy afternoon - each could decorate their own beaker. 

I went for a very simple pattern, but you could really go to town if you wanted! Let your imagination run wild. 

Although the markers are permanent, I doubt the design will be water-safe, so be gentle with it and wipe clean only.

Have you made any fun DIY projects lately?
Leave me a link in the comments if you have - I've love to check them out!


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  1. Such a brilliant and easy DIY. I think even my sausage fingers could cope with this one. Extra points to you for including tea and cake in the "You will need.." list. Lisa x

    1. Ha, thanks. I find they are essential components of most situations! ;) x

  2. So perfect!! Absolutely going to do this, it just looks so pretty!! Hurray for simple DIYs. x

    1. Thanks, lady! I'm a fan of simple projects! xx

  3. I've heard if you bake crockery in the oven when doodles with sharpies in makes it permanent. Don't know what temperature or how long, but you might be able to find out x

    1. Yes, that does work for crockery, but this is plastic! x

  4. All DIYs need tea and cake... even more so when I'm usually failing miserably and butchering all things creative at the same time!

    You have an eye for cute!

    1. Aww, thank you! And yes - tea and cake are essential to all DIY scenarios!


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