Thursday, 22 January 2015

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

I have to admit, I haven't tried many products from Lush. They're quite expensive for someone with not many pennies to their name and, as much as they claim to be 'natural, handmade cosmetics', they still use synthetics and parabens in their products. I do enjoy their bath bombs, however, and am currently working my way through a sample of hair moisturiser.

When I received this lip scrub for Christmas, I was intrigued. I'd never used one before and the only lip exfoliation I'd tried, was the old magazine favourite suggestion of using a toothbrush to buff one's lips. (If you've never tried it, don't bother.) 

My lips are chronically dry and, in this freezing weather we've been having, they have been suffering terribly. Chapped, peeling, splits at the corners - UGH. It is not fun. My usual lip balm isn't up the job on it's own, so I got to trying out the Lush scrub.

Basically, it's a pot of sugar mixed with jojoba oil, with a few other ingredients. The first time I used it, I thought it was too scratchy and abrasive, but I soon got used to it. 

The way I use it, is to scoop a little out onto my finger, rub it (in my case quite aggressively) onto my mouth, making sure I scrub evenly all the way over both top and bottom lips, and around the edges and corners. 

I then rinse it off with water, do a little spit (sorry, but it's necessary, in case any goes in your mouth - it may be 90% sugar, but you don't want to be eating it) and pat my lips dry. 

At this point my lips usually feel pretty good. In an attempt to prolong the softness, I've been slathering on essential oil. Sweet almond oil, to be precise - this is a neutral base oil, so is fine for sensitive skin. As I said above, my lip balm wasn't cutting it and the oil feels much more moisturising. If you follow this step, make sure you don't get any oil in your mouth.

I've been using this scrub and oil combo for over a week now, followed by lip balm once the oil has sunk in, and I've been seeing great results. My lips are still quite dry (I think that's just how they are), but I've seen a big improvement in their overall condition.

I've become a bit obsessed with this lip scrub - it's really addictive and is hard not to use it every time I'm in the bathroom! Obviously the pink colour is awesome and the scent - hot damn, this stuff is sweet. Bubblegum is the perfect name for it, because it smells, almost overwhelmingly, of the stuff. 

It was a really nice surprise how much I like this scrub. I would definitely recommend it and will be repurchasing it when this pot runs out - it has become an essential part of my daily routine.

Have you tried the Bubblegum Lip Scrub? What is your favourite Lush product?


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  1. I may have to give this a try as i suffer badly with dry lips in the winter.

    Rach /

    1. I would definitely give it a try! I was sceptical and thought it was a bit of a pointless product, but am really pleased with it! x

  2. I got this for Christmas and absolutely love it! I may use it a little too much and I just cannot help but lick my lips. Yum! xx

    1. It is so addictive! I open it and give it a good sniff almost every time I'm in the bathroom! x

  3. I always get distracted and end up eating most of it. Probably because I convinced myself that the easiest way to rinse it off was by licking. Whoops!

  4. I've not tried this one from lush, I find scrubs to be a little strange. But I picked up a lip butter from the body shop in the sales and that's pretty nice for my lips. Even if I taste like lemon meringue pie afterwards!

    1. Lemon meringue pie lip butter sounds delicious!


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