Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Valley of the Unicorns - Lucky Dip Club Unboxing

I'd been waiting patiently (that's a lie!) all month, for January's Lucky Dip Club box to arrive. This has to be the most anticipated box yet, because the theme is UNICORNS! Aaaaahh!

This month one of the items is a collaboration between Lucky Dip Club and the wonderful I Love Crafty, and I was super excited to see the outcome. I am definitely not disappointed!

The whole box is jam-packed with pink, sparkles, magic and of course, unicorns. I feel I must apologise to local dog owners, for their pooches may well have been somewhat alarmed by my ultrasonic squeals as I unpacked the box!

Let's skip straight to the unboxing and see what's inside, shall we?...


  • Dream Big zine
  • Unicorn DIY sticker/flag sheet
  • Two notepads - Doodles and Dreams
  • Unicorn postcard
  • Personalised necklace
  • Unicorn brooch

I just can't get over the cuteness of everything. As ever, the design and detail of each item is exquisite. I can't help but think the unicorn pattern on the postcard would make adorable wallpaper! And I love the new format - instead of a little menu card, Leona has created a zine, full of awesome content. As well as a list of what's in the box, the zine also includes snippets from Instagram, info on this month's collaborator, and much more! I think it's a fab addition.

"But wait, what is that second box in your first photo?" I hear you cry. Well, my cherubs! I entered a contest Leona was running on Instagram, to win an additional box of unicorn goodies and, holy smokes, I still can't believe it, but I only went and won! Yippee! So, along with my Valley of the Unicorns box, I also received the following...

How absolutely wonderful? I am feeling like one lucky lady, believe you me. I've actually had my eye on the unicorn sprinkle shaker for ages, so am super happy to finally have one! Now baking will be even more fun.

A certain little 'helper' was on hand to assist with opening the boxes:

Excuse the blurriness, but she was in a frenzy over the string and shredded pink paper!

The only appropriate way to wear my new unicorn treasures, is with my unicorn jumper, so that's exactly what I'm doing. Forever. Yep.

Have you subscribed to Lucky Dip Club yet?
What is your favourite item from this month's box?


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  1. It's all so pretty!!!!! Look at it!! I've been eyeing up the unicorn sprinkle shaker for a while, a must have. Your blog is looking wonderful hun, so extremely beautiful!!! Loving the new profile picture too. xxx

    1. Aaahh, thank you, lovely! I finally managed to make the pic round! Although I may have to redo it, as I accidentally saved it with poor resolution, so when I increased the size on here it got a bit fuzzy. D'oh!
      Ohmygosh, everything in the box is so amazing! The unicorn sprinkle shaker is so fun - you definitely need one! xx

  2. So much unicorn goodness!

    Congrats on winning the prize too!

  3. Do you know how jelly I am yet sooooo happy for you XO

    1. Aww, I'm sorry for making you jealous! Wish I could send you a unicorn box! xx

  4. So much amazing pastely gorgeous-ness and super congrats on winning! Best box ever!

    1. Thanks, m'dear! It is indeed a super duper box! :D x


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