Tuesday, 6 January 2015

What I Wore // Faux Fur & Vintage Pink

There's nothing quite like slipping into my big, fat, faux leopard fur coat, to make me feel a bit glam (or glam-rock). I actually own four leopard print coats - two faux fur and two trench coats. Not that I like leopard print or anything.

In the second photo you can see my over-the-knee socks. That barely reach my knee. Ohh, tall girl problems! I felt like I was wearing football socks, so I scrunched them down. Anyone know where I can get some extra long socks? 

I love this vintage sweater - it's the perfect shade of pastel peachy pink. And it happens to go oh-so well with several of my favourite jewellery pieces!

I'm wearing:
Knitted head wrap - gift
Brooch on head wrap - Accessorize (old)
Faux fur jacket - New Look (couple years ago)
Pink sweater - vintage
Cat brooch - Lucky Dip Club/Hello Harriet
Necklace - Ladybird Likes
Sweater clips - I made them
Denim cut shorts - George at Asda
Over-the-knee socks - Primark
Bag - Oasis 


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  1. I'm just in love with the little jewellery you've added to this outfit!

    Congrats on making a great jumping shot too!

    1. Hehe, thanks! I loved this jewellery combo, too :)

  2. Beautiful!! I'm loving the shade of your hair at the moment too, really suits you. x

    1. Thanks! I've actually been fading it out for a few months now and, as of today, it's no longer blue! x

  3. Love this outfit, and your hair, oh your lovely hair. x

    1. Thank you, lovely! I was getting bored of my hair, so as of today, it's all change! x

  4. Super congrats on catching that jumping shot! I love love love this outfit. Those socks would be thigh high on me though #shortgirlproblems :)

    1. Really?! Seems we're on opposite ends of the clothing problem scale! I love this outfit too - combines so many of my favourite things! x

  5. Love everything about this, personal style at its best!
    Donna xx
    Polkadot Pink


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