Thursday, 19 February 2015

Afternoon Tea

On Tuesday it was my mum's birthday and, as a special treat, my stepdad booked an afternoon tea for my mum, nan, sister and me at a posh hotel.

It was my first ever proper afternoon tea and I'm sure it won't be my last!

We went to The Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath. It is a beautiful hotel, with lovely gardens and I must say, the staff were very friendly and attentive, without being too intrusive. They were happy to find out which items were suitable for vegetarians and made me delicious pesto and rocket sandwiches, in place of the usual salmon and ham.

My other sandwiches contained cream cheese and cucumber, cheese and smoked pickle, free-range egg mayonnaise. All were scrumptious.

The cake selection consisted of: a scone with clotted cream and jam, a Bath bun, chocolate dipped Viennese shortbread sandwich, pistachio cream cake, rhubarb and custard macaron, passionfruit marshmallow tartlet (I couldn't have this one, due to gelatine in the marshmallow), banana and coconut cake.

My favourites were the pistachio cream cake and the rhubarb macaron - holy smokes, so good!

I always think that afternoon tea doesn't look like much food, as everything is so tiny, but I was stuffed after this and didn't even need dinner that evening. 

The dining room was nice and big, but I found the lighting quite dark and we were seated right at the back of the room, which was a shame. It would have been nice to be near the French doors, which look out onto the gardens. As mentioned, the staff were good, but I always find such a formal atmosphere almost off-putting - it seems fake...although maybe that's just because I'm such a commoner! 

Was it a nice experience? Absolutely. Was the food good? Oh yes. Would I go again? Hmm. It was lovely for a special occasion, but having seen the price per person, I personally would not pay that much of my own money for it. Good job my stepdad paid the bill! 

It was a really nice treat for my mum though and it was lovely spending some time all four ladies together. 

Have you been anywhere for afternoon tea?


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  1. Your first afternoon tea :) so so glad you enjoyed it! I'm addicted to afternoon tea, it's my favourite thing to do!

    If you have a look round you should be able to find others that are cheaper. Hotels tend to do expensive teas but lots of cute tea rooms do them for half the price

    1. Hehe, I new you'd have some afternoon tea tips! ;) I've had cheaper versions in cafés and such, but this was my first proper one. I'll defo be keeping an eye out for others! x

  2. I've been looking up Groupon for afternoon tea deals today but your post just made me even more hungry! The cakes look delicious... :)

    1. Ooh yes, I always forget about Groupon! Good call!


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