Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sunday Life Cereal

Holy moley, it's February! How did that happen? 

January always seems to fly by, but I actually can't remember much about the past month! That's one of the reasons I love these weekly round-ups; it gives me a chance to relive all the sweet moments and reflect on what I've achieved/what else I could be doing over the next week. 

This week, I've been insanely jealous of all the snow photos that have been swamping my Instagram feed. I want snow! It is so, so cold here and yet, apart from a pathetic little flurry, there's been none of the white stuff. Boo, hiss! I'm hoping that February brings me the Narnia scenes I've been thus far deprived of.

Here's how my week has looked...

I'm a bonafide stationery addict and have a slight obsession with animal shaped accessories. So I had great fun arranging all my desk animals in my little workspace. They all have a purpose: flamingo tape dispenser, cat tape dispenser, tiger pencil sharpener (you wind his tail to make it work!), bunny hole punch, unicorn pencil sharpener and kitty tape measure. Functional and cute!

It has been a bumper week of receiving amazing things in the mail. Possibly the best post week ever! There was my Lucky Dip Club unicorn box and mega unicorn prize box; a pretty garland from my lovely blog friend, Toni; this wonderful vintage My Little Pony mug, and several other things, which I haven't got around to taking snaps of yet, so will save them for another time. I absolutely LOVE receiving snail mail!

Super cute pooch, Biggles stopped by the office for a visit, which brightened my work day no end. He's like a tiny little lamb, so sweet!

Another of my obsessions is bed linen. I don't even know how many sets I have, but in my opinion one can never have enough! I couldn't resist this fruity raspberry print set - it's so fun and will help me to usher in spring and dream of warmer days.

Continuing the unicorn theme, this was the week of magical unicorn hair. After giving my hair a few weeks to rest from the bleach, I decided it was time to get busy with the pastels. My aim was unicorn/My Little Pony hair and, I think I achieved it. I love how sugary and dainty it looks. I almost went for just lilac, but I'm really glad I decided to put in the effort for multi-tonal unicorn vibes!

Other highlights of the week included a trip to Ikea, where I picked up a display cabinet I've wanted for months and had a Quorn hotdog and a cinnamon roll (mmm, so good!), manage to avoid the horrendous traffic coming out of Ikea by using my noggin and taking a detour in an unfamiliar city (win!) and this...

I bought a little dolly bed for Molly and she LOVES it! I kinda thought I'd buy it for her and it'd end up in the corner with my stuffed animals on it, but she hopped straight on it and slept on it all night. Hooray! She looks so utterly adorable curled up on it, I can't even handle the cuteness!

Have you had a good week? What have been your best bits?


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  1. Sounds like a great week! I love the new hair too! We've still not had any snow here yet, just a flurry and then it's gone by the afternoon... Sigh.

    1. Thank you! Ugh, so annoying about the snow! I hope we both get a proper covering soon!


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