Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunday Life Cereal

It's been a bit of an odd week. Some ups and downs. Let's get the downs out of the way first, shall we? I had a meeting with my surgeon and nurse at the hospital, to discuss the possibility of further surgery. This is all off my own back - it's something I've been thinking about ever since my original surgery (which was more than adequate in terms of treating the cancer I had), as the thought of going through it all again, and having that fear looming over me constantly, is too much to bear. If there's something I can do to reduce the risk of developing a new cancer at any point in my life, then I want to do it. The surgery wouldn't reduce the risk of the cancer I've already had returning/spreading somewhere else in my body, but that's a whole different story. Anyway, we discussed all the various surgery options and now my head is swimming. It's a huge decision and huge surgery. I want to make sure I make the right choice. This is not something any thirty-two year old should, or expects, to be facing. But then cancer isn't something any twenty-nine year old should, or expects, to face.

Another outcome of the meeting was an impromptu MRI scan of my spine. I've been having a lot of pain and discomfort in my back over the past couple of months and whilst my medical team don't think it's anything sinister/cancer related, they agreed to do the scan to investigate and also look at the anatomy of my spine. I've always had crunchy joints and muscular back/shoulder problems, so hopefully this will shed some light on why, but I'm still terrified that the scan will show the worst. I get the results in a couple of weeks. Sigh, the aftermath of this awful disease just never goes away.

Right, now that's out on the page - I'm going to try not to worry until results time and focus on positive things. The rest of my week has looked like this...

The beautiful sunrise above - I'm so lucky to have such a fantastic view from my landing window.

Making pancakes even better, with pink food colouring and a little experimenting. Super kawaii!

I absolutely loved thinking about all the people who would've been opening up one of my Valentine's Cards yesterday. Thanks so much to everyone who bought one and I really hope the recipients enjoyed them! It was so great getting positive feedback from my first customers and seeing their pictures of my creations, like the one below (thanks, Em!).

On a bit of a whim, as my unicorn hair had almost faded back to blonde, I dyed my hair pink all over. The shade isn't exactly what I was going for, but nevermind, it's still cute. I'll be going back to unicorn hair soon, but will start out brighter so it lasts longer. 
P.S. How freakin' adorable is this windmill spoon?! The sails turn and everything.

When I started my job last July, my boss's dog, Elvis, came into the office every Friday. Now that he has a doggy friend, he hardly ever comes in any more. Sad face. On Friday however, both Elvis and Ruby came in for a bit, so I got my fix of puppy cuddles. 

A couple of sweet treats are always necessary.

I absolutely adore this photo of Soldier that I snapped this week! Molly was doing zoomies like a loon and Soldier sat up and looked at me, as if to say, "What the hell, mum?!" His poor, concerned face! And look at his fluffy mane - so handsome!

Speaking of Molly, y'all should probably know that she's actually the one behind the whole Tiny Grey Cat operation, as you can see here, busy working on a blog post.

I'm still head-over-heels in love with my MLP trainers - they make me so happy whenever I wear them.

Hope you've had a wonderful week!
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  1. Hope that the mri finally sheds some light on 'Hulk Shoulder', and that, whichever way your decision falls with regards to surgery it brings you some peace. As ever, we are *right here* for cuddles/ chat/ inane distractions. Love the pictures of the kittykins, and your pink hair looks RAD! I continue to burn with a jealousy more intense than the Sun for your magical mlp trainers! (apologies if this is a double post, technology is mocking me today) lots of love, xxx

    1. Thanks, my lovely. Your support and friendship mean the world! Imagine if Hulk shoulder got resolved?!! xxx

  2. Absolutely beautiful hair colour! It looks like we have the same black and white cat! :) Best of luck with your decision, it is an unfortunate position to be in but you have the strength to make the one that is right for you :) Rebecca | Rebecca Marie xx

    1. Thanks, sweetheart! It is a shit decision to make, but I need to remember it's only flesh and I'm lucky to be here at all. I'll have to check out your kitty, see if he/she is Molly's twinsy! x

  3. I have everything crossed for good/clear results from your scans, which of course they will be! I adore your new hair and I still can't get over how cute those shoes are! Lisa x

    1. Thanks, lady. I sure hope you're right.
      The shoes have barely left my feet ;) x


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