Monday, 9 March 2015

Monday Manicure

Holy cow, I painted my nails! I hardly ever paint them...the last time was probably about a year ago. I don't know why - I love nail polish on other people and sometimes get seduced by pretty colours in the drugstore, but my own nails are almost always bare. Apart from my toe nails - they are always painted bright red. No other colour - just red. I think it's because feet in general are kinda gross, so by keeping my toes painted, they can at least look slightly prettier!

Anyway, when the mood finally strikes to paint my finger nails, it's almost always plain block colour. I may mix it up by having each nail a different colour, but as a rule, I am not a fan of 'nail art'. Again, only on me - I love it on other people, but as soon as I get fancy with my nail paint, I hate it and immediately want to take it off. 

A few exceptions to this are simple designs, such as polka dots and stripes. Only on a few nails though, with the rest kept plain to balance it out. Am I sounding like a nutter? Oh well, let's just go with it.

I picked up a new nail polish the other day, after hunting for the perfect corally, Barbie pink and decided it was time for a pop of spring time colour on me ol' digits.

To start, I painted a clear base coat, followed by two coats of white polish, to help the pink go on smoothly and more opaque. 

After flapping my hands around to dry them, for what felt like hours, I finally added pink polish to every other nail, leaving the second and ring fingers white.

Next, I cut some thin strips of tape (I used washi tape, because it's nice and malleable, sticks well, and peels off easily, but you can use masking tape or Sellotape) and stuck them diagonally across the white nails. I then painted a coat of pink polish one nail at a time, immediately removing the tape strips after each nail. I find this gives a cleaner line than waiting for it to dry first - peeling the tape off when the polish is dry, risks peeling the whole lot off. Also, make sure your strips are long enough - digging around the edges of your nails, trying to grab hold of a tiny corner of tape, is just going to ruin the work you've already done.

Finally, I painted on a clear top coat, for shine and to help protect my handiwork.

The polishes I used were all from Barry M. The pink is far more 'pink' and bright in person, rather than peach - I had to lighten the photo a lot, as my house is so dark.

I love how they turned out - candy stripes are one of my favourite things; they conjure up images of summer, the seaside, fairgrounds and sweeties. It took sooo long though - this is why I never bother! So, yay for pretty nails, but I highly doubt Monday Manicure will become a regular thing!

How often do you paint your nails?
Are you a fan of nail art?


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