Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sunday Cereal

What a funny ol' week. It feels like only yesterday that I was writing last week's Sunday Cereal post. Perhaps because I've spent most of this week feeling pretty poop. 

A lot of people at work have various viruses and bugs, which I have been trying to avoid, but I think they are finally catching up with me. It hasn't amounted to anything too much, just a general feeling of bleugh, coupled with my fatigue being worse than usual; resulting in struggling to do much more than crawl out of bed to the sofa.

The big news this week is that Hannes and I are trying to buy a house! It's going to be a long, slow process, probably full of heartache, as we can't afford anything in the place we actually want to live (except maybe a garage - no joke). We have started to look at the surrounding areas and researching where might be acceptable and affordable. It's all terribly grown up and scary. I love the cottage we live in now, but the amount of money that goes on rent each month, lining someone else's pockets, is obscene. 

We viewed three houses yesterday - one was a total dump, two were nice, but too small and not in good locations, or had other issues. I'm trying hard not to get disheartened - it was only our first day looking, after all! I wish we could win the lottery - not greedy amounts, just enough to outright buy a little house for us to live in happily with the fluffies. Don't we all though?! I have dreamt of a beautiful cottage like this one since I was a little girl. My Insta friend Hannah took this gorgeous picture whilst out on a walk. Scalloped thatch! - how perfect?! That right there is the stuff of dreams.

Besides trying to keep the cooties at bay, the rest of my week has looked like this...

Trying to decide which Care Bears socks to wear first.

Baking my first ever macarons, for my mum, which were a great success! I can't wait to try more flavour combos. P.S. Gold leaf is impossible to work with.

Lots of laughs with this little nutjob. She is so funny and brings so much joy.

A sweet treat and a cup of tea - when you're feeling under the weather, I'm pretty sure it counts as medicine.

Super kawaii happy mail, in the form of my rainbow Alpacasso! I'm obsessed with him.

Being seduced by cute jumpers, which I am powerless to resist. If it's got My Little Pony on it, I'm buying it.

Sweet charity shop scores in the form of two Polly Pocket miniatures (much smaller than the regular compacts), for 50p each! Damn, I love a bargain. My favourite is the flower, as the Polly figure has a scalloped fabric skirt, like a little flower fairy. The other one is a travel scene, with the leaning tower of Pisa and a little gondola. Excellent additions to my collection!

Finally, I absolutely adore this picture of Soldier from a few nights ago - he was so sleepy and waiting for me to get into bed so he could snuggle up. Heart eyes forever. Oh yeah, my flamingo sheets are pretty rad too.

I didn't get any Etsy work done this week, so I feel really behind. Hopefully I can catch up this week, if my energy levels pick up a bit. 

Of course, I'll keep you updated on any house progress, if/when anything happens! The thought of moving has spurred me into wanting to have a big clear out and I think I'll be selling some stuff, probably on Instagram. Stay tuned for more details, or find me on Insta (TinyGreyCat) if you want to be the first to know when I post - I'll be selling clothes, accessories, jewellery, pieces of vintage and possibly some homewares.

Enjoy your Sunday, lovelies!


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  1. House hunting is the worst. My boyfriend and I bought a house back in early December and the process was so much more stressful than I anticipated. We ran into the same issues you seem to be experiencing; everything was either woefully overpriced or really gross. We eventually found one we love, but it's really all about persistence. Every time we went to look I would leave with high hopes and come home feeling defeated. You'll find something, such stick it out! :)

    1. Aaahh, thank you! I'm glad you found somewhere! It is a nightmare looking, isn't it?! I think we now have a better idea of what we definitely do and don't want, which is a step in the right direction at least. Hopefully somehow it will work out!

  2. I know what you mean about house hunting! We are looking at the moment, but can't afford anything in Bath where we would be happy living! So have ventured out to Bradford-on-Avon instead, and have fallen in love with a little one bed cottage! Fingers crossed for you guys. Macaroons look divine too! xx

    1. We are considering B-o-A too, but I really, reeeeally want to stay in Bath. We have a strict set of criteria, which makes it even harder! What about your lovely boat? How come you're moving off that?! I hope it works out with the cottage anyway! xx

  3. Ooh house hunting! Exciting times! It's hard enough finding a place to rent, let alone somewhere to buy. Good luck!

    I've never tried to make macarons, I'm not that much of a fan, but they do look like they could be fun to make.

    1. Thank you - we definitely need all the luck in the world! I'm not expecting to find anywhere we can afford, unless we win the lottery.

      I'm not really a meringue fan, but good macarons are yummy. Bad ones are just...ick.

  4. Woo congrats on the house hunting! I hope it goes well! The cats are the cutest, I so wish we could have one in our little flat. Such nostalgia with those polly pockets as well! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks so much! The house hunting is so stressful and difficult! It will be worth it if we find somewhere lovely though :)


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