Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sunday Life Cereal

Hello, hello! Happy 1st of March to you!

I've been pretty pants on the blog front lately - my apologies! I've been concentrating on drawing, making and trying to get everything ready for my Etsy shop, and it always takes way longer than I think it will!

It's super fun getting things together - I ordered some cute packaging supplies yesterday and spent most of the week working on two new designs, which I'm excited to show you, below! I'm trying to decide what kind of products to stock - I'll definitely have greetings cards, prints, notebooks, postcards and decorations, but is there anything else you'd like to see/suggest? A couple of people have said phone cases and tote bags, so I'm looking into this at the mo. I'd love to have your input, so do let me know in the comments! I'll also be looking for bloggers/Instagram sweethearts to send little promo packs to soon, so stay tuned for more info.

Anyway, here are this week's new guys. I love them so much and hope you do too!

Earlier in the week I woke up to coooold, cold weather. It suddenly started snowing like crazy, enough to give everything a covering, but it only lasted about an hour. I did manage to snap a picture though, just to prove it happened!

My house is so dark, so I've been brightening it up with springtime blooms. You can't beat a bunch of daffodils - so sunny and happy!

A lady at work gave me these old, wooden cats from Maine, USA. There's a hinge between them, so they stand up. I don't know what they originally were, or were a part of, but they're pretty cute! They're currently sitting on my desk at work, to perk up my office days.

On the subject of cats, check out these cuties! This photo sums up their relationship so perfectly: Molly, adoring and desperate to be near him, whilst Soldier is more "Eeegh, don't touch me, child!". Bless their fluffy feet! I'm so glad they are getting on alright - there was a sketchy time not long after I brought Molly home, when I thought things would never get better. There are fine about 80% of the time now, and when they're not, it's only Soldier hissing at her, or giving her a (usually deserved) bop 'round the chops.

It's been a pretty rad mail week, with the highlight being Lucky Dip Club day! Yay! I'll do a full unboxing/reveal tomorrow, hopefully, so for now I'll just post this teaser of one item - a supercute personalised pencil!

I also snagged this My Little Pony badge to add to the collection on my backpack.

Can you believe I haven't posted any food yet?! I've been incredibly good and healthy for the past nine days, using My Fitness Pal app to track my calorie intake - I'm using it purely to check I'm only eating what I think I am; not to get obsessive about calories. I've been eating 1600kcals or less per day and I haven't lost a single pound. Nada. Which makes me even more convinced that my tablets are playing a big part. I've pretty much weaned myself off them now, so I really hope I start to see a change. Anyway, that was a long-winded way of saying "here's a food pic"!

And that was my week! Hannes is running the Bath Half Marathon today - eep! He is not a runner and it's his first ever race - he is doing it purely to raise money for charity, namely, the hospital that saved my life. The RUH in Bath is planning a new cancer centre for both patients and their families - a place to make everyone feel more at home and comfortable, and less scary and clinical, with top notch facilities and resources. It is such a fantastic cause and, having firsthand experience of dealing with a cancer diagnosis, I can definitely say the unit will make such a difference to hundreds of people. You can read more about it here. It's a cause that is so close to my heart - I literally wouldn't be here if it weren't for the wonderful staff and treatment I received and continue to receive there. Speaking of which, I got the results of my spine MRI this week and it was clear - HOORAY! 

If you can spare a pound or two (every penny really does help), then any sponsorship would be so gratefully received. If it's something you'd like to support me with, then please visit Hannes' Just Giving page and donate whatever you can. Thank you so much to anyone who helps this amazing venture.

How has your week been?
Any stand-out moments?


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  1. Aww I love your prints so much!! Such cuties! And your kitties haha. I can't wait to get a cat!

    Jemma xx

    1. Yay! Thanks, Jemma! :D Every home should have at least one cat ;) xx

  2. Eeee! I can't wait for your etsy shop. All of your art is so beautiful! I really hope Hannes run went well and March treats you both very well. Lisa x

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! I've listed my Mother's Day cards and Love Cats cards on Etsy, but will do a proper 'grand opening' when I have more things added! Thank you so much for your support xx


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