Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sunday Life Cereal

It feels as though it's been a pretty quiet week, but now that I think about it, it hasn't at all! That's why I like these Sunday posts - it's such a great opportunity to look back over the week and record the bits and pieces I want to remember.

This week I had a hospital appointment, which was an annual review with my oncologist. Neither of us could believe it had been a year since I last saw her - time goes by so scarily fast! She was really pleased with my progress and I've been discharged from the oncology unit. I wasn't expecting that at all, so it took a little while to process! I'll still have to go back to the breast unit for annual scans and for any concerns/symptoms I have, but right now I am done with the cancer doctors. Please keep your fingers crossed that I never have reason to go back there again!

I haven't posted a pic of Rosie and Poppet for a while, so here they are, being sassy on International Women's Day.

I've been working on some patterns for various ideas this week and I used one of them for this new digital illustration - a purrmaid! She'll be in my Etsy store soon if you like her.

Do you go through phases of being obsessed with one piece of clothing and wearing it non-stop? I know I do and this week it has been my Powerpuff Girls tee and my peach and grey stripy top.

Soldier has been such a sweetie this week. Molly has been with us about six months now and Soldier is slowly getting back to his old self. Molly is beginning to calm down (albeit a tiny bit!) and not jump on him quite so much, so he's starting to relax and go about his kitty business without worrying so much. It makes me very happy to see my jolly little chap returning and my furbabies getting on better. They've even started to both sleep on the bed at night, peacefully! I'm still holding out hope that they'll curl up together eventually!

I've started making spring cleaning and sprucing-up plans for my house, so this supercute doughnut garland arrived just in time. It looks great with my little cactus party!

On Friday 13th, I had a killer eyeliner day, so it had to be documented.

Finally, I took my new car on its first proper roadtrip yesterday, to Cardiff. It was a very flying visit, but jeez, power steering?! I had no idea how amazing it is. Gone are the days of practically giving myself a hernia, from yanking on the steering wheel. I am also loving central locking - all these mod cons I've never had! No more fumbling the key in the lock, whilst wrestling bags and an umbrella, getting soaked. Hooray!

During my couple of hours in Cardiff, Hannes and I stopped into Ed's Easy Diner. You may recall my love of American diners, so a themed restaurant? I am there. Ed's is smallish chain, but they are the most authentic 'fake' diners I've been to. I took a few snaps, but I only had my phone with me, so the quality is bad. I may see if I can improve them and do a separate post about it. The highlight for me was the Nutella milkshake - hot damn! It was sheer heaven.


There is a lack of mugs at my work, so I've been looking out for a cute one to call my own. I found it yesterday, in the form of this Minnie Mouse beauty. Best of all? She was only £1 in the sale! 

Today I'm hoping to go to the coast for the first time this year, so if that happens, I'll have some seaside snaps to share soon.

I hope you've had a super week!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mummies out there!


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  1. Just posted a long comment, but I think blogger ate it. As an American, I can safely say that diner looks pretty authentic. :) I love diners too! I'm excited to see the diner you went to has coney dogs, they're practically a way of life here in southeast Michigan. Despite their name, coney dogs are much more of Michigan thing than a New York thing. We even call most of our diners here 'coneys', and they specialize in coney dogs and Greek fare--gyros, saganaki, etc--as well as traditional diner food.

    1. That's so interesting! Thanks for the info! I freakin' love diners and have since I was a kid. For my birthday last year, I went to an original American diner that was shipped over here from the states! It was amazing! There's a post on it here if you'd like to see:


  2. Can I just ask why your posts are always so perfect? That purrrmaid is SO CUTE! I've been doing a lot of illustrations this week myself, glad you've had a lovely creative week doll! And that Powerpuff Girls top is IMMENSE! <3

    Also, please give your pets plenty of hugs and kisses from me my dear!

    Claire xo

    1. Awww thanks, Claire! You're so sweet! :D Yay for creativeness!
      I will give all the fluffies cuddles from you - they will love that!
      Big hugs xx

  3. Congrats on getting the discharge from oncology!

    Roadtrips! Yes! I haven't been for a good long drive in ages, I really miss driving when I'm not in the UK.

    1. Thank you, my dear!

      Yeeees, I can't wait for warmer weather and driving with the windows down, playing some tunes! :D


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