Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Sunny Weekend Adventures

Hooray for sunny days! Double hooray for sunny weekends! 

I absolutely love it when we start to have blue skied, spring days that are warm enough to hop in the car and head out for an adventure, no matter how small that adventure may be. This past weekend I did just that, with my first trip of the spring to the city farm, followed by exploring a nearby town.

It's funny - we keep talking about climate change, things heating up and happening more quickly, but according to Timehop app, this time last year there were already piglets and baby goats at the farm. None so far this year though! There was, however, an adorable brand new calf! So sweet! It looks like there's a gate separating him from his mum, but don't worry - they are actually in the same enclosure. Mum-cow was very protective and did a good job of mooing at anyone/thing that came too close (hence the fuzzy, iphone zoom pic!). 

I fed the pygmy goats and gave my favourite little white goat a good back scratch and cuddle. 

The two Shetland ponies have become much more friendly, which makes me happy. I love stroking their velvety noses. 

Once I'd run out of apples for the goats, Hannes and I drove to a town about half an hour away, to see if it would be acceptable for house hunting, but as I said in my last post, I really am settled in Bath and don't want to leave. It was nice to wander around in the sunshine and explore a bit though. There were lots of interesting old buildings and quirky architecture. 

I love autumn/winter and the snuggly hibernation it brings, but I'm so excited for warmer, longer days and daytrips a-plenty! I'm especially excited for my first seaside trip of the year - that needs to happen soon. I just feel more alive in the spring - I guess it's hard not to, with life springing up all around! It's like an awakening.

Love, sunshine and picnic dreams.


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  1. That goats nose! Such a fantastic set of photos. X

    1. Hehe, I can't believe that one is in focus! I was just snapping on my phone as she came over to me and got lucky! <3

  2. This is literally my perfect weekend in one post. Our local little 'farm'/animal park has closed itself to the public now for some reason so it's quite a trek to visit any cute animals around here. I'm meant to be going out to my Mams friends farm to see the lambs this weekend though! Hopefully.

    Just look those little goats and their noses. I love the feisty little things.

    Lovely happy post :)

    - Danielle xo

    1. Anything animal related is my idea of heaven too :) That's such a shame your local farm has closed to the public! Booo.

      I've not seen any lambs yet this year - I'm sure the fields will soon be full of them though, bouncing around!

      I bloody love goats, too. I had three pet ones when I was little :)

  3. That's a cute little town! I think I wouldn't mind living there, but I know once you've got your heart set on somewhere it's hard to look anywhere else.

    Super cute goat photos too!

    1. Yeah that's it - there are plenty of lovely and perfectly acceptable places around here that we *could* live...I just don't want to. Bath is my home, so why would I want to leave?!

      Goats are the cutest! (Apart from cats, obviously).


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