Saturday, 7 March 2015

What I Wore // Powerpuffs and Polka Dots

Hey kittens!

Golly gosh, I find myself apologising for my absence again. Designing and making is taking up a lot of time at the moment, so I just haven't had time to write blog posts as well. I'm hoping to get a little more organised over the coming weeks though, so I'll be back to posting more regularly - thanks for sticking around! 

Anyway, what a beautiful day Saturday was. I had planned to go to Cardiff, but as usual I got up too late and so I spent the day at home, enjoying the glorious sunshine in my garden.

I took Molly out for kitty walkies and she had so much fun! So much so, that after bringing her in, she immediately wanted to go back out for more. Once she'd finally worn herself out, she zonked out for the entire afternoon and evening, bless her tiny heart!

This is what I wore for my casual Caturday. I'm loving the little bag - I usually yoink around a huge bag, so I'm trying to save my shoulders a bit with this smaller one, and only carry the (real) essentials. I also can't believe it was warm enough to go coat-free! Eeeep, spring is on its way!

I absolutely love Powerpuff Girls (and have done since it first came out), so when I saw this tee I almost let out a squeal! There was no way I was leaving that puppy on the rail!

I'm wearing:
Cardigan, t-shirt, bag, socks, shoes - Primark
Skirt - thrifted
Flower corsage (old) - H&M (I think)

I went on a bit of a Primark binge the other day and got so much stuff. I've never done a haul post before, but I think I may well do for this, as all the things I got are just too good and I know you'll love them!

P.S. I listed these supercute prints in pastel heart frames in my Etsy store today - perfect for Mother's Day! Hurry, hurry though - I only have three available. You can take 5% off the framed print for a limited time, using the code YAYMUM. I also have a few cards left too!

Have you had any spring sunshine yet?

And who is your favourite Powerpuff Girl?
(FYI, I'm a mix of Bubbles and Buttercup)


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  1. Lily, you have the best fashion sense! You're just like a pastel dream! So happy to hear that Molly enjoyed her outing. You've inspired me to maybe try mine with a leash and harness once it warms up outside.

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

    1. *Blush!* Aww, Kathryn you're too kind! <3

      Molly absolutely loves her walkies! I'd recommend a harness with a separate lead, so you can put the harness on and leave it on for short times indoors, to get the kitty used to wearing it. Once they're used to it, you can attach the lead and again let them get used to how that feels, then eventually take them outside! xx

  2. You almost came to Cardiff?! Oh man, that'd be soo cool! I adore your outfit. I've also been a fan of PPG since forever (Bubble love). I hope all of the making and designing are going well! Lisa x

    1. Yes! I've been meaning to for ages, because I don't have a Tiger store near me, booo! :( Hannes and I may be coming to the 'Diff on Saturday (if I get up in time this time!) so if you'll be around and fancy meeting up, let me know! Think we'll be hitting up Ed's Easy Diner! xx


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