Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter Sunday Cereal

Happy Easter, kittens!

How cute is this bunny jewellery holder? In a few days (who am I kidding - this afternoon), it will be holding some of my sparkly trinkets, but right now it is just perfect for keeping a supply of Mini Eggs in easy reach!

I have lots of photos to share today, so it must have been a busy week.

First up, the least fun - I went for a smear test on Wednesday, which is not fun at the best of times, but since having cancer, I hate any kind of medical procedure and in particular, any that are potentially linked to cancer, I find really traumatic. I am lucky to live in a country with an excellent screening programme and it is so important to go for your appointment. So I popped along to my doctor and had that done, plus a blood test.

After that, I needed a treat, so I went to my favourite café and had a super yummy breakfast. If you're ever in Bath, I cannot recommend The Green Rocket Café enough - all vegetarian/vegan and absolutely delicious.

Afterwards, I took a stroll through one of Bath's many beautiful parks. I took lots of photos, so I'll put together a whole post, but this is one of my favourites. Look at that window! It looks as though a Disney princess should live there.

It's been a bumper good mail week: my March Lucky Dip Club 'Birds of Paradise' box arrived, and so did Caboodle magazine, a beautiful vintage dress (with the most darling Peter Pan collar and neck bow!), and an awesome pink cape, with fluffy hood trim. Heart eyes!

I saw my first blossom of the year (spring seems to really be taking its time this year, don't you think?) and my mum sent the picture below, of a sweet little easter bunny who was hopping around in her garden! Squee!

My house is really dark and doesn't get much natural light, so I've been cheering the place up with plenty of fresh flowers and of course, having lots of kitty cuddles.

Hooray for four day weekends! I'd usually be getting Sunday Blues right about now, but instead, tomorrow is another day off. I hope you have all had some time off as well and are getting to spend it with loved ones. I'm going to Hannes' mum's for the afternoon, which is always fun and full of yummy food. 

I love getting this egg out every easter; I've had it since I was a tiny girl. My nan gave it to me and used to fill it up with chocolate and sweeties every year. I always loved it more than a normal easter egg, because I never knew what would be inside. I love little traditions like that. Long gone are the days of having it filled up for me, but I still love to have it around for décor and the happy memories. It's so wonderfully kitsch and cute!

Well, my lovelies, I hope you are having a super springtime holiday and enjoy it, whatever you're up to.

How many easter eggs have you eaten?


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  1. Gorgeous photos (as always). I have the same ring holder but in green and it's also still awaiting shiny trinkets. I adore the fluffy trimmed hood! You look like you've just stepped out of a fairy tale. Xx

    1. :D I do feel like a fairytale character when I'm wearing it!
      And I just couldn't resist the bunny trinket holder! xx

  2. Sounds like a pretty awesome week! Sorry about the rubbish smear, I don't think they ever stop being rubbish, but like you say, it's better to be safe :)

    Hope you had a lovely extra day off! I say, as I sit here at work ;)

    1. Absolutely - I don't understand how anyone could not go for their smear test!
      Booo, I'm sorry you had to go back to work early! That is one good thing about the UK - we do like our bank holidays! x


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