Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sunday Cereal

How cute are those bunnies, with their bow ties and Peter Pan collars?! They were atop the cupcakes we had at Hannes' mum's last week and, rather than throw them away (nooo!) I gave them a new home amongst my bunch of flowers. Bunnies and blooms - perfect!

There have been some gloriously sunny, proper spring days this week and so I've been taking Molly out in the garden for her walkies more often. She has so much fun, but her lead is quite short. I think I'm going to get her one of those extendy leads, so she can wander a bit more freely and I won't have to be ready to run at any second, so I don't get dragged when she suddenly darts after a twig/leaf/bug.

She and Soldier are so cute together in the garden - they even had a couple of moments this week where it seemed like they were trying to play! Yay! Then Soldier had enough and gave her a slap, but hey ho - progress is progress!

In my garden, loads of little primroses have self-seeded and popped up everywhere. Aside from a bit of pruning when things get out of control, I pretty much leave the garden to do what it wants - I'm a big fan of wildflowers and letting nature do her thang. It usually turns out pretty great and this a good example of that.

Speaking of supercute animals, I met a teeny tiny sausage dog puppy! She belongs to Hannes' friend and oh my gosh, you guys, I cannot get over how adorable she is!

It's been a pretty good week for mail, with a wonderfully kitsch blue cat and a selection of other goodies arriving. I love getting snail mail! 

Can't seem to let a week go by without some form of sweet treat...

I've been trying to decide what to do with my hair. I've been missing my blue hair lately and the pink fades so fast, but it is my favourite. My roots are getting pretty heinous, but I don't think my hair can take any more bleach at the moment. Hmph, what to do, what to do. In the meantime, I whacked a new pink toner on it, to give it a bit of a boost.

Molly has been super darling this week, giving me so many kitty snuggles it's unreal. She is such a sweet natured little cat. I really must try to compile a video of all the insanely adorable noises she makes.

Lastly, I have some potentially very exciting news. As you may know, we are currently house hunting for our first home to buy and we *may* have found somewhere! Eeeeek! I'm kinda scared to talk about it in case I jinx it, but ohmygosh I hope, hope, hope it works out! We viewed the place on Saturday morning and immediately offered the asking price. I had a missed call from the agent the same afternoon, but when I called back he had left for the day - ARGH! It is so stressful and exciting and nauseating, all at once! He'll be calling us tomorrow and I hope it's good news. The last thing my nerves need is a bidding war! Just give us the dang house! We deserve it! 

Anyway, of course I'll keep you posted. 

Surf Club

I've got so behind on reading blogs - sorry, guys! - so I don't have any favourites to share, but I do have this article about the first human head transplant. Whaaaat?! I don't know how I feel about's so crazy! Yikes.

What's been the highlight of your week?


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I definitely lucked out with the best kitties ever! x

  2. Fingers crossed for the house!

    I do love freshening up hair dye :) What about a blue, but more of a turquoise colour to go with the summer. I always loved having turquoise hair!

    1. I love turquoise hair on other people, but not on me :( I think I'm gonna bring back the My Little Pony/unicorn hair, but a brighter version :D

  3. o.m.g.! Crossing everything for excellent house based news! xxx

  4. Firstly, fingers crossed! I really hope it all goes well. The pictures of the kittys are ADORABLE, I'm so glad that they're starting to be proper friends. X

    1. Thanks, lovely! I'm really hoping that moving will bring the kitties closer as well...they'll be shut inside together for at least a month, so I bloody hope so! xx

  5. Those little rabbits are adorable! I would never of thought to recycle them so beautifully, super sweet. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous pink and it's amazing when you get cuddles from your pets isn't it! your whole day just becomes ten times better, if my poppy-dog didn't cuddle me daily it would break my heart haha!!

    Really hope the house comes through for you! Have a fab day!
    Kim xx
    And On That Note She Wrote|Bloglovin

    1. Aww thanks so much, Kim! You are so right - furbaby cuddles are just the best :) xx


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