Friday, 15 May 2015

Birthday Wishlist

Well, whadaya know, it's mid-May already, which means my birthday is just a couple of weeks away, eep! (May 30th, FYI). 

I haven't compiled a wishlist for yonks, so what better occasion than a birthday?! Generally speaking, I've never liked my own birthday. I was always either alone or let down by people I really shouldn't have been with in the first place. The birthdays I've spent with Hannes have been the only ones I haven't cried on. 

I was diagnosed with cancer a week or so before my 30th, so now my birthday holds even more significance. Nowadays I always buy myself something that I really, really want, as a gift to myself for all I've been through. Who knows if and when any of us will get to celebrate another birthday, so let's make the most of each and every one, right?!

This is just a fun, fantasy list of some of the things I would love for the birthday fairy to bring, that I've been lusting after for ages and hope to buy at some point. Some are affordable, some are more extravagant, all are supercute!

I'm on the lookout for a rug for my craft room in the new house and I really like this pastel geometric one from Ikea. I've had the crossbones ring and sundae brooch on my wishlist for sooo long! And as for the coat - those heart pockets?! Be still my heart! If ever there was a coat made for me, this is it!

Ohhh! This post is making me sad that I can't just buy all these pretty things! The skirt is the stuff of dreams and I've been yearning for it since P.U.G. first brought it out. They also do the same print in a dress, which is also adorable, but I always find skirts are a safer bet when you're tall, as you never know where the waist/bust of a dress is going to fall. With expensive shipping from the US, I've yet to take the plunge and order this skirt. Still lusting from afar, sigh!

I can't decide which pastel shade of jelly shoes I love most, so I included a photo of all three!

I am terrible for leaving piles of paper and clutter around, so in the new house I am going to try to combat this by having a much smaller coffee table. This retro style table would be perfect. 

You may have noticed a brooch theme in this post! I absolutely love them and I adore pretty much every single one of Deer Arrow's vintage style brooches. So much cuteness - I need a modest lottery win, please!

Do you like birthdays and do you keep a wishlist? 
Which item would you choose from mine?


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  1. I've also never liked my own birthday, for similar reasons to you and also a lot of pressure from family to do some kind of big family event, which as an introvert I really really don't like. I like your attitude to them now though-it should be a day to celebrate you and have lovely things, even if you buy them for yourself! Next year I'm determined to have a good birthday, and do what *I* want!
    Your wishlist is super cute, my favourite thing is the red coat with heart pockets. I'm a sucker for heart shaped pockets.

    1. As a fellow introvert, I know exactly what you mean. You should definitely have the birthday YOU want next year - go for it!
      I absolutely love that coat - it was almost sold out when I last checked, so I'm not holding out much hope of it being mine! :'(


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