Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Park Life

Hi friends.

I thought I'd share these snaps from a recent sunny stroll in one of Bath's many beautiful parks. 

That sweet pup ran right up to me, all happy and waggy-tailed (hence the blurry pic!). So cute!

I love the architecture, shapes and lines in Sydney Gardens. The peeling yellow paint and deteriorating inside of the pillared pavilion give such a great contrast to the greenery all around. And those curved stone walls - so pleasing to the eye! There is even an iron footbridge designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Bath is so full of history; it's wonderful.

I love being outside, responding to things as I see them and feel them. Nature is so honest.

Do you have a favourite park or outside space?


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  1. I love all the feelings of old and decay in these photos! I find railways to be really relaxing places to hang out, especially old looking ones.

    1. Thanks, girl! I really love old, crumbly, falling apart buildings!
      Have you ever put coins on railway tracks to get squished by trains? I've always wanted to try it, but I've heard scare stories about trains getting derailed by it, so I never have! :O

  2. It's so easy to forget how gorgeous the places around us are. Bath is such a beautiful place and you've captured it perfectly.

  3. I love being in the woods, pretty much any woodland will do!


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