Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday Cereal

It's been a jolly good week, on the whole! 

The car park at my work has been out of action, so I've been forced into walking to and from work for the past almost two weeks. I moan and complain about it incessantly, but truth be told I'm actually quite enjoying it and am feeling pretty good for it. The walk in is fine - all down hill, but unfortunately that means the walk back is awful! 2.2 miles, all up the most horrendously steep hills, ack! Still, once I'm home and recovered and can breathe again, I feel proud for walking 4.4 miles. Then I collapse for the evening!

Intense walking aside, I've had a lovely week. On Thursday I went to Avon Valley Country Park with my friend, Siobhan and her two adorable kids, Erin and Rory. Anywhere that has animals is a winner for me.

On Friday, Hannes and I met with our solicitor and discussed housey things, including possible exchange and completion dates, eeep! It's all suddenly seeming a lot more real and exciting! I need to have a clearout before moving, so keep an eye on my Instagram for details.

Saturday was my birthday and I woke up at a ridiculous hour, around 5am. This came in pretty handy, as I had planned on getting up early for the day's adventures...just not quite that early! After opening presents, including a Kit-Cat clock with moving eyes, which I've wanted for years, and a Polly Pocket from my blog friend, Lisa (thank you again!), we drove to Cardiff.

Breakfast was had at Ed's Diner (which I've posted about before, here), followed by a spot of shopping. I only made it into Tiger and Primark before I started to get tired (I have chronic fatigue) so we headed back to the car for the next stage of birthday activities - a castle! 

It was a super day, but holy smokes, by the time we were home I was woozy with sleep. After takeaway dinner from my favourite burger joint, I zonked out on the sofa so heavily that Hannes couldn't wake me up. It was all totally worth it!

It was also Soldier and Molly's birthday! As they are both rescue cats (and even though I raised Soldier from a few weeks old) I don't know their exact birthdays. They are both May babies though, so I just pick a day and celebrate them both together. I made them party hats (they don't call me Crazy Cat Lady for nothin'!) and gave them a special chicken dinner and extra cuddles, if that's even possible. I can't even handle how cute they are in their hats! It was Molly's first birthday and Soldier's tenth.

Other highlights of the week include:

  • Getting a Hello Kitty birthday cake from my work colleagues.
  • New Ninja Turtles pjs.
  • Using curlers in my hair for the first time since before chemo.
  • Pretty flowers.
  • Wearing my new jelly shoes.

What has made your week special?


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  1. Those tiny birthday hats are adorable! I wish my fur-babies would let me do that, I got an elf hat for them a couple of years ago, so I could take Christmas card pictures, and I wasn't able to get a single photo. The hat also mysteriously disappeared in the middle of the night.

    1. Oh my gosh, that's hilarious! Luckily both of mine are pretty tolerant of my crazy cat lady ways!

  2. Wow that's quite a walk! But, if it's making you feel good, can't go wrong with that. Sounds like you have a wonderful birthday! Castles are some of my favourite things to visit. The curly hair is really beautiful, especially with all the pink tones!
    Hope everything goes well with the house stuff!

    1. Thank you, lovely!
      I love castles too - they are so crazy old and it's fun imagining the battles and banquets that took place in them :)


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