Wednesday, 1 July 2015

So Long, June!

June has been and gone without me even really realising. I've had a lot going on and before I even knew it, I woke up and it's July. Whaaat.

One thing I am hating on right now is the heat. I adore bright, sunny days but once the thermometer starts cranking up, I cannot deal. I've always been super sensitive to temperature changes - both hot and cold - so anytime that it veers from the relatively moderate, I start to suffer, big time.

So what did I get up to in June? Well, I...

  • Had Hannes' dad and brother come to stay with us for a week. 
  • Went to the first ever Bristol Tattoo Convention, organised by my friend and tattooist Fil (which was awesome by the way and well worth checking out next year!). 
  • Explored an old, abandoned iron works and took lots of photos, which I'll probably eventually put in a blog post. 
  • Received lots of great snail mail from super lovely internet pals. 
  • Ate lots of yummy food. 
  • Held an Instagram sale and made a tidy sum of dosh from it. There are still some things for sale and I may well be adding more, so check it out over on Insta
  • Hung out with Soldier and Molly.
  • Finished and submitted more illustrations for an upcoming feature in a supercute magazine (eek!)
  • Exchanged contracts on my new house (mega eek!) and gave notice on my rental.


Here's how June looked in pictures:

Lovely things from lovely people (that embroidery sums up my weather feelings!)...

Yummy food...

Mini adventures at home and nearby...

Kitty snugs...

Exciting house developments...

And all those other little moments I love to document...

So, I get the keys to the new house next week! It feels like forever ago that we made an offer on the house and began the process of buying. Once it was in the hands of the solicitors, it felt as though nothing was happening for ages. Now it is suddenly real and I'll be moving towards the end of July. Holy smokes!

With the move I am having to sell my old faithful car, as I can't have (or need) two cars at the new place. I freakin' LOVE this car and am so sad. I have a decade of memories, of roadtrips and ridiculous shenanigans with her. I've cried bucket loads over selling her and really want her to go to a good home. Here's a link to my ad so if you, or anyone you know in the Bath/Bristol area is looking for a cheap runaround, look no further! I cannot emphasise enough how cheap it is to run (less than £30 for a full tank of petrol!) and how reliable it is - always starts, and I've had to spend less on it in ten years than most people do on their cars in three. She ain't called The Beast for nothin'! Spread the word, peeps.

And that just about wraps up June! 

July is set to be a busy and exciting one, with decorating the new house and getting ready for the move. I'll be doing a house tour once I'm settled in, so look out for that.

How has your June been? 


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  1. OMG your tattoo! That stags head! Everything!! SO CUTE <3 haha.
    Glad everythings going great lovely!
    Jemma xx

    1. Hehe! Thank you, darling!
      It always surprises me when people comment on my tattoos because I've had them ages and don't even think about them, lol. I forget that I don't post pics of them very often! My carousel horse is a beauty though ;) <3

  2. Ah I know what you mean, I was so sad when I had to sell my last car, it was the end of an era! So exciting about moving house though. It is a bit too hot for me at the moment too, dont mind it so much during the day but find it so hard to sleep at night! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Ugh, yes - I haven't been sleeping well at all! I hope the hot, sticky weather goes away soon!
      End of an era is exactly it! I'll be so sad to see it go. I get far too attached and sentimental about things! xx

  3. I can't believe it's already August, I just feel like time is flying by and it's scary! I love your Reese's t-shirt and all of the cute little bits and pieces you got and the kitty cuddles are so, so cute. That shot of the little waterfall is so pretty too. Sounds like you had a lovely June too and I hope the move goes well too - I just moved again so I know the havoc of it all! - Tasha


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