Thursday, 15 October 2015

Autumn Favourites

At the end of September, a curious thing starts to happen: almost the entire blogosphere and Instagram world begin to declare their love/obsession with all things autumn.

Just what is it about autumn - or fall, for the Americans among us - that makes us giddy with excitement? I, for one, have never liked summer. Six weeks off school aside (which sadly does not apply to adults, other than teachers!), I've never understood people's love of summer. I hate heat and so for me, autumn always signalled the end of the torture and start of blissful, cooler weather.

With the cold comes warmer clothing - layers of cosy knits, woolly socks and boots. I love autumn/winter clothes, which gives another tick in the Why Autumn Rules column. Throw in log fires, hot soup, cold, crisp walks with even colder noses, crunchy leaves, beautiful colour displays in the changing trees, and everything pumpkin spiced...add it all up and it equals awesome.

Now that we're well and truly into October, I thought I'd round up some things that I am loving and/or lusting after this season; all of which are my must-haves for a super cosy autumn. Many of them would also make great gifts for any of your autumn-loving gal pals!

First up is an absolute necessity: snuggly blankets. I love to mix colours, patterns and textures, and these two would make the perfect sofa nest together - I love pastel pink and grey/brown as a combo.
Pink blanket - H&M, Herringbone blanket - I Want One of Those

Wrapping up in cosy layers is essential and I love to pile on jumpers, hats and scarves. This faux fur one looks super warm and becomes a great focal point.

Large faux fur scarf - ASOS

To keep my tootsies warm in autumn, I like to wear fun and festively appropriate socks, like these.

Fuzzy bat socks - Topshop, Dino skeleton socks - ASOS

And of course, to keep those toasty toes dry in the lovely British weather, a pair of chunky boots are a must. I'm so pleased that Dr Martens makes a faux leather version of their iconic boot. I really hope they expand their vegan selection to incorporate more colours and styles from their range.
Vegan leather boots - Dr Martens

Once back in from the cold, I like to make sure my home is as cosy, warm and pretty as possible. Lighting can really make or break a room so, to up the snug factor and create a nice ambience I like to light candles in my favourite autumn scents and hang tiny, twinkling fairy lights wherever possible, like these ones* from I Want One of Those.

I didn't think I'd ever actually get excited by a string of lights, but seriously, I'm in love with these. I hate how normal fairy lights get tangled and look kinda clumsy with their dangling cords and, of course, they never reach where you want to plug them in. These string lights are genius - they are teeny tiny LED lights incorporated into a thin piece of wire. Not only does this mean they're streamlined, but also that you can bend them wherever you want them to go and in any shape - yesss! I'm obsessed. I have one string wound around my pom pom garland and a second string that I coiled up and put in a glass mason jar, to create a soft glowy homemade nightlight. I love how it turned out and, as the lights are battery operated, I never have to worry about how I'm going to reach a plug. Bonus!

Silver string lights - c/o I Want One of Those

These would make a supercute gift for any occasion - I might have to stock up on them early for stocking fillers! They also come in copper wire, which is perfect for the rose gold trend that's so popular right now. I have to admit, I'd not heard of I Want One of Those before they got in touch, but their gift pages have so many cool things - we've already ordered a Christmas present for a tricky-to-buy-for person, so I'd highly recommend checking it out! 

Going back to favourite autumn scents; I was smelling all the candles in Homebase recently (and mostly gagging at the overpowering, over-perfumed, sickly scents), when I picked up this one and practically started eating it. Ohmygosh, it smells divine. It smells of warm, spicy pie filling - basically everything you want in a candle! It was really reasonably priced as well, especially compared to certain big candle brands.

Yummy candle - Homebase

Finally, what is better when you're all curled up in your snuggly blankets, than a steaming mug of something tasty. I am loving these distressed enamel style mugs in pastel yellow and blue - so rustic looking. I'd pretend I was cosied up in a little log cabin in the mountains!

Enamel style mug - Dotcomgiftshop

Of course, you need that something tasty to slurp and frankly, it should be the drink of the season - a PSL (pumpkin spice latte, for those not in the know). Unfortunately, the proper Starbucks version contains dairy in the syrup base, so even if I have soy milk, it's not vegan. Thankfully, the wonderful Charis has come up with her own pumpkin spice syrup recipe, hoorah! I've not made it yet, but you bet your boots I'm gonna!  

Photo from Charis' Instagram

This has turned into rather a long post - I just really love autumn! I hope you enjoyed my seasonal favourites.

What are you diggin' at the moment?

Stay cosy!


I was kindly gifted the silver string lights from IWOOT. All opinions are 100% my own and I would gladly spend my own money on this product. I love them!

All images used are taken by and are the property of Tiny Grey Cat, unless otherwise credited. The use of any image from this blog without express permission is strictly prohibited.


  1. That fur scarf is amazing, I NEED IT!!! haha!
    and the unicorn shelf, why isn't that part of your post! That's amazing! I'm redecorating my room soon, I'll have to get my dad to make one haha!


  2. I want everything here, especially the PSL! Also... ALPACASSO! I love it.

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